About Us

Team History

Feathered Melody Productions was conceived in 2006 with the objective of building early English language visual novels. Our first projects were the short novels "The Boy Who Loved Crows" and "Noctua". Starting in 2008, we have been working on Story of a Lost Sky, a Touhou strategy RPG.

Current Project

We were inspired by the immense amount of fan works coming out of the Japanese Touhou doujinshi community. At the time of its inception, the fan games coming out included many action and shooting games, but few Strategy RPGs, and even fewer have been translated English. Simultaneously, few options were available for the easy creation of SRPGs. We started Lost Sky as our contribution to the Touhou community in the hopes that many may enjoy our vision of Gensokyo. We have also made this project open source under the BSD license so that others may be free to build their own SRPG adventures using Lost Sky as a starting point.