Game System

Navigating Gensokyo

Battle Map

Story of a Lost Sky is a traditional strategy RPG. Battles involve moving a team of units through a variety of areas from the rugged mountains of Youkai Mountain to the impenetrable maze that is the Bamboo Forest.

Proximity Trait with Ran and Chen

Character placement is key. Using Proximity Traits, Ran can increase the attacking strength of her shikigami Chen.

Spirit Charge System

Marisa Fireball

Spirit Charge (SC) is built up by battling and defeating enemies. Once enough Spirit Charge accumulates, more powerful spells can be used.

Marisa Master Spark

Use devastating spell cards like Marisa's Master Spark to take down the most dangerous foes.

The Four Spell Types

Spiritual Magic

  • Description: Spiritual Magic invokes the power of the gods to purify and cleanse evil. It's the magic specialized by shrine maidens like Reimu.
  • Strong Against: Force Magic
  • Weak Against: Elemental Magic

Elemental Magic

  • Description: Elemental magic uses the power of water, fire, metal, earth, or air. Traditional magicians like Alice have trained intensely in this type of magic.
  • Strong Against: Spiritual Magic
  • Weak Against: Natural Magic

Natural Magic

  • Description: Natural Magic encompasses any sorcery derived from life and plants. Most attacks from animal-like youkai such as Chen take the form of natural magic.
  • Strong Against: Elemental Magic
  • Weak Against: Force Magic

Force Magic

  • Description: Force Magic are primarily weapon-based spells like summoned daggers. Any spells that are pure destruction like Marisa's Master Spark also fall into this category.
  • Strong Against: Natural Magic
  • Weak Against: Spiritual Magic