Story and Characters



Gensokyo, the Land of Illusions

Long ago, the land of Gensokyo was separated from the outside world. In this mystical realm, mythology is still very much alive. The youkai of old legends still roam these lands. In the great Youkai Mountain, the Tengu live secluded lives. Deep in the Bamboo Forest, a household of rabbits shelters an immortal princess of the moon. Humans live here too, and a delicate balance exists between the youkai and humanity persists to this day.

Legend of the Magic Forest

In ancient stories, the trees which grow old enough gain a protector spirit called a Kodama. Centuries before the sealing of Gensokyo, the Kodama of the Forest of Magic fought a bitter struggle against humans and youkai. After their defeat, the Kodama slept, for they had entrusted the care of the Forest to humans and youkai. Since the end of an unusually long winter, followed by the sudden return of spring, there are rumors that these Kodama are stirring again.

The Netherworld's Gardener

In the Netherworld lives the ghost princess Yuyuko Saigyouji and her fiercely loyal knight Youmu Konpaku. On an early summer's night, the gap youkai Yukari Yakumo invites Yuyuko for an evening in the forest. When she wakes up, Youmu discovers that Yukari and Yuyuko have vanished. With the help of Yukari's servants Ran and Chen, she sets off to discover what happened to them.



Youmu Konpaku

  • Half-phantom Gardener

  • Specialty: Swordsmanship

  • Youmu is a half-ghost gardener that lives in the Netherworld and loyal knight of Lady Yuyuko Saigyouji. Her specialty is both speed and the cutting through most anything with her swords. Still half-baked, this is her first time at the head of an adventure.

Ran Yakumo

  • Scheming Nine-tails

  • Specialty: Illusion and Support Spells

  • It is said that fox spirits gain a tail for every century they live. With a full nine tails, Ran Yakumo serves her master Yukari with wisdom and cunning. She joins Youmu's party with her own shikigami Chen to find their masters.


  • Black Cat of Bad Omens

  • Specialty: Acrobatics

  • The nimble Chen is Ran's young shikigami. Her magic is much weaker than her master's but she makes up for it with her agility and natural resilience.

Reimu Hakurei

  • Shrine Maiden of Paradise

  • Specialty: Sealing and Purification Spells

  • Reimu is the shrine maiden of the Hakurei Shrine and skilled in the art of exorcism and demon sealing. Although she tends to be lazy, she will go out and resolve Gensokyo's crises when duty calls.

Marisa Kirisame

  • Ordinary Black Magician

  • Specialty: Destructive Magic Spells

  • The hard working, fast talking witch Marisa lives in the Forest of Magic. Her devastating magic takes the form of her signature move Master Spark, a long range beam attack.

Alice Margatroid

  • Seven-Colored Puppeteer

  • Specialty: Manipulation of Dolls

  • Marisa's reclusive neighbor and occasional ally prefers to hide out in her forest home with her dolls. While she's quite fragile, Alice can rely on her trusty dolls Shanghai and Hourai to battle in the front line.

Yuyuko Saigyouji

  • Dreaming Ghost

  • Specialty: Manipulation of Death

  • Yuyuko possesses the terrifying ability to invite any mortal to their death. Thankfully, her playful nature means she is more likely to spend her time teasing others (and annoying Youmu). However, her airheaded personality hides a deep insight into Gensokyo's workings.